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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) on-line research application

Updated 2/8/21: Thank you to all study teams who transitioned ongoing approved projects from OSIRIS to PittPRO. We are in the final stages of preparing to retire that system. At this time studies where Pitt is serving as IRB of record for multiple sites or studies where Pitt ceded review to another IRB (EXT submissions) are being transitioned. Instructions were provided to study teams through OSIRIS on how to submit for reactivation in PittPRO. If you have to transition a study and need the instructions, contact askirb@pitt.edu.  

Here are a couple of reminders:
  * If you have, or are able to create, a de-identified data set for use during analysis, you can submit a final report and continue with the analysis
  * If you are leaving the study open because you have samples or data where secondary analysis might take place at a later date, you can terminate the study, maintain the data or specimens (even if identifiable) and submit a separate submission when you want to utilize the data or specimens. This was not an option in the past, but the Revised Common Rule now permits this to occur. 

For additional FAQs on this topic, review the information at the following link:http://www.hrpo.pitt.edu/node/599.

Guidance: The HRPO website at www.hrpo.pitt.edu offers extensive information and the A-Z Guidance section provides details on specific topics to assist with preparation of the application and the conduct of your research project.

Email us with any questions using one of the email addresses listed under Useful Links or call us at 412-383-1480. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time as we are here to assist you.  We offer consultations, pre-reviews, and training sessions.

Training Information: In order to access PittPRO, you are required to complete CITI training. Detailed information about training requirements is available on the Office of Research Protections website (www.orp.pitt.edu). Note: all members of the study team must have current training for the submission to move forward.

All users must complete CITI training using the University of Pittsburgh CITI portal at www.citi.pitt.edu. Individuals who completed CITI training may be able to transfer modules by linking existing CITI accounts to the Pitt CITI account during initial creation of the Pitt CITI account. Note that all institutions define the modules required for training, and therefore you may be required to complete additional modules.

Log-In Information

Use your Pitt HSConnect username and password:

Need to create a Pitt HSConnect account:

NOTE: It is important not to create duplicate accounts. If don’t know whether you have an existing account or have any other questions, contact the HSConnect support team at 412-648-2222.

PittPRO Training Sessions

Email orp@pitt.edu to schedule a training session.
Who should attend? Anyone who needs help creating a new application
Where? Learning Resource Center, Room 305, 3500 Fifth Avenue or available virtually